Tips for caring for cats and how to properly comb cat hair

Do not be careless and careless, because it can make hair fall. You must know how to comb cat hair properly and how to handle it.

Friend Smart, have you followed the method of combing cat hair correctly? This popular and beautiful cat fur does require extra care as well.

Combing its hair is one of the bottom treatments for your cat, so that the fur doesn’t tangle. Combing can also reduce messy hair in the house.

Usually, cats will enjoy this stage because they feel safe. Well, on this basis there are steps that you need to follow in combing cat hair so that it doesn’t fall out.

cat hair

Methods of Combing Cat Fur So Soft and Shiny

Cats are very adorable animals, especially if their fur is long. Of course those of you who see it continue to be interested.

Especially when he saw him sleeping curled up, much like a fur ball. For that, if you want to have a cat with good fur, follow these steps for combing cat hair, such as:

1. Preparing Equipment

Before starting to comb, you can prepare all the necessary grooming tools such as a special cat comb, chamois (microfiber) cloth used to wipe it after combing and if needed also prepare gloves to protect your hands.

This matter needs to be tried so that your job is easier and easier when combing it.

2. Calm the Cat

The next method of combing cat hair is to treat your cat gently to prevent it from jumping away from you and also so that he doesn’t get stressed easily.

You can sit on a chair or on the floor and place the cat next to you or at your feet. Don’t start this combing stage if your cat hasn’t calmed down yet, Smart Buddy!

3. Starting the Comb from the Head

When you want to comb it, you can start from the head first and then work your way up to the tail. Comb long and gently so that your cat is safe.

You must know when combing it, you can only comb in the direction of the hair growth. Not only that, you have to be careful, don’t just hold it when you want to comb the tail, because that part is a very sensitive area for the cat.

4. Combing the Chest

Lift the front paws off your cat and begin to slowly comb the entire chest area.

As with a cat’s tail, one of the most difficult parts of combing a cat’s hair is the chest area. So you have to be careful because the chest is a sensitive part for the cat.

If you make a wrong move and make it unsafe, you can get scratched by your cat.

If necessary, you can wear gloves to protect your hands from the cat’s claws.

Because the chest is a sensitive part, cats generally want to move more. When combing it you can hold the skin of the cat’s nape to prevent it from jumping or even running away.

5. Wiping the Cat’s Body

After finishing combing all parts of the cat’s body, it’s time for you to do the last step, which is to wipe the body.

Why do cat hairs also need to be wiped? This action is tried so that the remaining fine hairs attached to the body can be lifted perfectly.

Well, you can start wiping it from the head and end at the tail just like after being bathed. Especially do this for a long time so that he is not surprised and immediately claws.

6. Sterilize Feathers

Lastly, don’t forget to sterilize the hairs on the comb after you use it. This is tried to minimize the presence of skin diseases in cats when the comb is about to be reused.

In addition, the litter box and cage also need to be cleaned so that the dirt from the fallen cat hair does not stick back.

Well, after you know how to comb cat hair properly. It doesn’t feel complete if we don’t discuss how to take care of cat fur so that it looks good and healthy.

Below are some methods that you can do at home to take care of your cat’s fur.

Methods for Keeping Cat’s Hair from Falling Out

To get good and strong cat fur, it is not enough just to comb it once, but you also have to be constant in observing many things, such as food, health, hygiene and several other aspects.

For that, in this section there is a short discussion on how to keep your cat’s coat in good shape.

1. Frequently Bathing Cats

The first thing that you must pay attention to is how you bathe the cat. Bathing is a must-try fur treatment for your cat.

You can bring your favorite cat to the pet shop. However, if you want to bathe it at home, then you can prepare some of the tools such as:

Prepare a tub filled with warm water, shampoo, and towels.

Wash your cat’s body for a long time so he doesn’t feel shocked.

When all parts of his body are wet, you can give him a special cat shampoo. Use it as needed. Spread the shampoo all over his body and massage gently so that the shampoo absorbs so that the hair growth can be good.

After that, rinse the cat’s body.

Lastly, use a towel to dry the fur. Next, you can use a hair dryer to dry the hair even more.

2. Distributing Medicine for the Feathers

Medicine is an alternative to be able to take care of your cat’s fur easily and quickly. You can buy medicine for this fur treatment at the nearest pet shop.

Ask for advice from the doctor at the pet shop for the medicine your pet cat wants to use.

3. Distributing Cat Special Powder

You also have to share care for cat skin. You can give it dry powder or powder regularly. Share it once a week.

This powder can also be used to remove fleas on the cat’s body. However, you must share a special cat powder, yes. Using this powder also aims to transport the dirt on the surface of the cat’s skin.

4. Actively Combing Cat Fur

Long cat hair for certain breeds, generally has its own thing. Such as when caring for the fur of an Angora or Persian cat.

You certainly know that the fur of the two cats is very long, right? Well, you can use the above method of combing cat hair at least once a week.

It may be that for each person’s cat fur care has their own tricks, but with some of the methods above, you can take care of your cat’s fur properly.

Not only makes your cat look clean, you can also minimize the disease caused by cat fur.