Traverse Metropolis, Michigan

rare birdFounded in 2010 by former unbiased booksellers, Uncommon Chicken is a Los Angeles-based mostly impartial publisher of fifty books a yr, specializing in fiction, nonfiction, memoir, entertainment, humor, politics, and present occasions. Not solely was tune a strong indication that this thriller bird had a chestnut-sided warbler as a father, however the physical measurements indicated that this hen was most positively a hybrid: its invoice was longer than chestnut-sided warblers’ bills but it surely was within the anticipated range for Vermivora warblers (Determine 2a), and its wings had been longer than any Vermivora warbler species’s wings but they have been similar to chestnut-sided warblers.

Behind the door are stuffed tigers and solar bears in various poses of ferocity, the shell of a sea turtle mounted on the wall, cardboard packing containers overflowing with tiger skins and elephant ivory””and suitcases stuffed with more than 240 neatly stacked helmeted hornbill casques, all … Read More

Traverse City, Michigan

rare birdThe mission of Los Angeles Audubon is to promote the enjoyment and safety of birds and other wildlife through recreation, training, conservation and restoration. These networks, he explains, primarily target species with a extra established unlawful trade—comparable to tigers and the world’s solely truly scaly mammal, the pangolin—but they realized they will elevate the bottom line by diversifying into helmeted hornbills.

A GLAUCOUS GULL and an ICELAND GULL have been reported from Rye Harbor on November 3rd. That is New Hampshire Audubon’s Uncommon Chicken Alert for Monday, November twelfth, 2018. Lingering migrant sparrow species reported through the previous week included: CHIPPING SPARROW, SWAMP SPARROW, SAVANNAH SPARROW, WHITE-CROWNED SPARROW, and FOX SPARROW.

Dayaks, non-Muslim indigenous peoples of Borneo, have revered helmeted hornbills and used their casques and feathers for some 2,000 years—well earlier than casques caught on commercially in China. Fourteen species of shorebirds have been reported on the complex this … Read More