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Make Animal Toys

Super Chewer

make animal toysI founded Aïkiou again in 2008 out of the necessity to have a cool and enriching thing to do for Sumo, our golden retriever. There are geese and geese for the pond, chickens to scratch across the farmyard and lay eggs for the farmer’s breakfast, sheep, and cows to graze the fields (including lovely Highland cattle and a black sheep) plus lots of other farmyard animals.

In the event you give this toy to a kitten (or an adult cat for that matter), you can pretty much assure the animal will discover it and play with it at 2 a.m. Cats are nocturnal and do not care if that jingling bell is disrupting your sleep so long as it is … Read More

Dog Toys

Super Chewer

dog toysSuper Chewer makes playtime last longer, delivering your critical chewer super-robust toys and American-made chews and treats. There are such a lot of reasons to maintain your dog entertained with a sturdy, interactive toy – from keeping them fit and wholesome, to reducing chances of them finding one thing else in the house to play with (such as your favourite pair of footwear!).

Not all canine toys are created equal, and each dog has his personal distinctive preferences. These lightly stuffed, bubble plush toys are double-stitched and completed with a Chew Guard” liner, making them sturdy enough to your Lab’s put on and tear. Some of them may help to scrub your dog’s enamel as they play.

Listed here are … Read More