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Beautiful Bird

Authentic Stunning Bird Paintings In Watercolor And Pastel By Yulia — Kickstarter

animalsThe nature has blessed birds with probably the most colourful and unimaginable plumage. Toco Toucan is the most important species of toucan household and an exotic bird found in japanese South America. This black-and-white seabird is finest recognized for its clown-like face, with a big multicolored invoice towards stark white cheeks (additionally incomes it the moniker of sea parrot”).

Although these macaws are at the prime of their food chain—with no recognized pure predators—they find themselves on the endangered species list, as a consequence of caged-chook trade and habitat loss. Colombia’s nationwide chook is sadly endangered within the high Andean ranges of the nation, and it is not essentially essentially the most stunning or swish species in the event you … Read More