Important Things to Consider Before Keep a Dog

Not infrequently people who have a hobby to keep a dog. Dogs are one of the most loyal and friendly animals to humans. Because of their affectionate nature, dogs are often used as pets at home and are protective of their territory and masters, dogs are also used as security guard companions.

Raising a dog is not as easy as raising fish in an aquarium. If you want to raise a healthy, intelligent and obedient dog, there are things you should pay attention to and consider before deciding to keep a dog. Here are the things you should consider before raising this human friend.

1. Living environmental conditions

raising dogs Large and small dogs are active and playful animals. Dogs also have a sense of curiosity and instinct to explore. Therefore, make sure the environmental conditions where you live are adequate and wide enough to adopt a dog. Does the dog have enough space to play and be active? You also need to consider whether your neighbors can accept guard animals that tend to bark at strangers because their barking can disturb residents around where you live.

2. Having a dog costs money

To ensure that it grows and develops into a healthy dog, you need to pay extra. Expensive or not the cost of maintaining a dog is relative. The size of a large dog certainly requires more food. Dogs are just like humans, needing vaccinations to prevent them from various diseases. The cost of vaccines is enough to make the pocket cry, but this vaccine is enough to do once for a long period of time.

3. Type of dog you want to keep

There are various dog characters based on their types. Small dogs tend to be more fierce and like to bark. Small dogs are also very spoiled and guard their master, aka possessive. For large dogs, they will bark when they feel threatened by the presence of strangers. Do not hesitate, big dogs will chase strangers who disturb their territory and even bite.