Dog transportation rules

Trips have become an integral part of everyone’s life. Sometimes there is simply no one to leave a pet with during a trip. In this case, dog owners prefer to take the pet with them on a trip. To ensure the dog’s safety and comfort during the trip, we will tell you some tips for transporting dogs by car.

During each trip with a dog, you need to follow several rules, for example, you need to take a bed or a dog crate cover. Besides this, there are other tips that you should follow during the trip.  

Before the trip, you need to prepare the dog

About hours before departure, you should give food and water to the pet. This will reduce the possibility of motion sickness. You also need to take your pet to a veterinary clinic in advance and get the necessary vaccinations.

Ideally, you need to start taking your dog by car in advance and first for short distances. This is necessary for the pet to get used to the car, its noise and not be afraid of it. The dog should be taught the commands by which they will get into and out of the car. 

Take your pet’s favorite toys on a trip

This is done to reduce the pet’s stress. In a familiar environment, it will be easier for your pet to handle the trip. You can also take treats for your dog. If you are taking the dog in a new carrier, you also need to let them get used to it in advance. You can put the carrier at home and let the dog sniff and examine it.

Equip a place for transportation

It can be a carriage, a crate, or a bed. The main thing is that the pet is already used to this accessory and is not afraid of it. If you are taking a dog in a crate, then you can use a special dog crate cover, which protects the pet during the trip from various external stimuli, for example, water, dust, or insects. 

Before starting the trip, make sure that you have placed your pet correctly

The dog must be in a carrier or crate equipped for it and should not move freely inside the car. This is done so that while driving the dog does not block the view and does not interfere with driving. Also make sure that the crate is stable, otherwise the pet may fall. 

To make the trip for your dog as comfortable as possible, you can purchase various accessories on Saint Ernie website. We offer covers, beds, and crate bumpers, which you can equip a pet’s crate with and make the trip in the car much easier!