Uncommon Birds (2001)

rare birdThe mission of Los Angeles Audubon is to advertise the enjoyment and safety of birds and other wildlife through recreation, schooling, conservation and restoration. Uncommon Bird is, on the heart of it, the story of a family; a normal, average and yet spectacularly extraordinary family who lose their beloved twelve yr previous son Jack to a terrifying accident on the banks of a creek behind their residence.

Initially considered a brand new species, the hen was given the scientific name Vermivora leucobronchialis, but Brewster’s warbler is now recognized to be a hybrid between blue-winged and golden-winged warblers; Vermivora cyanoptera X Vermivora chrysoptera.

In 2016 the greater than one hundred eighty parties to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, the treaty that governs the worldwide trade in wildlife, permitted a proposal calling for stronger protections for the birds, which have been unlawful to buy and sell internationally since 1975.

Once you’re completely sure of its identification and have written down your documenting description, Report it to your local bird club, Uncommon Hen Alert, or Audubon chapter, and ensure to report it on eBird Don’t feel defensive when you’re questioned about all the details.