The Most Common Mistakes in Training Pet Dogs

One of the advantages of owning a dog is that you can train it to do things right. Errors when training, become a cause of failure to train dogs. There are various methods that can be applied, but many owners still make mistakes while training them. So don’t be surprised if one day your pet dog fails to apply your teaching because you made one mistake while training. Here are common mistakes in training pet dogs:


Too Long to Get Training

You have to love a dog from the moment you decide to keep it and bring it home. However, do not drag on to continue to spoil it and make the training session too late. Training should start when you come home with you or when the dog is a puppy. The goal of training a dog is to shape the dog’s behavior and teach the dog to respond to certain phrases. If you wait to train a dog until he is older, it will only develop bad behavior.


Consistency is the most important key when training your dog. When you are not consistent in training, the dog will get confused. For example, you make it a rule not to let the dog sit on the couch. However, you make the occasional exception and let him sit on the couch, then ban him again for some other reason. This will certainly confuse the dog. Another inconsistency is rewarding when the dog does half of the commands in the lesson.


Training a dog is not easy, but not too difficult either. Impatience can ruin a training session, you are frustrated, and your pet can become confused. You need to have patience, put in the time and effort to do it. Like human children, each dog also has a different learning time. Make sure you know your dog’s behavior, know when to train him, and conduct training sessions when you are truly ready.

Discipline Too Hard

Training a dog to use punishment is completely ineffective. Harsh discipline can include yelling, hitting, staring, grabbing the scruff of the neck, pulling, and tugging at the ropes. All of this will only develop another bad behavior because the dog is traumatized and scared. In other cases, it can provoke an aggressive dog reaction putting yourself in danger. Therefore, the training process should be fun for the dog.