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Exotic Animal

Exotic Animal Permits

exotic animalFamilies are hardly ever full with out a dog in the combine. After being denied a allow to maintain him, and after dropping a protracted battle against the Inexperienced Bay metropolis council to alter the regulation, Cornelius and Jasper moved to a suburb that allowed monkeys as pets. Veterinary medicine for unique pets is growing as the recognition of those animals will increase.

Purposes for a license … including both preliminary purposes and renewals, shall … be denied when … the applying is for a license to possess, preserve, propagate or domesticate animals as pets.” § 2.12(9)(a). For a superb overview of related federal legal guidelines, see Nicole G. Paquette, The Standing of Captive Wild Animals in the U.S.: An … Read More

Exotic Animal

Unique Animal Permits

exotic animalWe offer state-of-the-art care in your feathery, finned or scaly buddies. The applicant shall further specify the period, technique, location, dimensions of any cages, pens or confinement area … No allow shall be issued except the applicant has complied with all state and federal laws concerning the possession, display or exhibition of untamed or vicious animals.

Federal legal guidelines do exist, however, that regulate captive wild animals in some of the constitutionally enumerated areas, akin to interstate commerce and overseas policy. Just a few federal laws, such as the Endangered Species Act , implicate a private citizen’s right to possess wild animals as pets, although the focus of this paper is state and native control.

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