endangered animalsWildlife Alliance, founded in 1995 initially as the World Survival Network, is a world 501(c)(three) non-profit organization with current in-country packages in Cambodia and completed initiatives in Thailand, Myanmar, India, Ecuador and Russia. 28, 1973, the transfer came with legislative precedent: In 1966, environmental activism pushed congress to move the Endangered Species Preservation Act, which approved land acquisition to conserve some species of native fish and wildlife, in keeping with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Providers.

Of all of the species who turned extinct as a consequence of interference from mankind, the dodo , passenger pigeon , great auk , Tasmanian tiger and Steller’s sea cow are among the extra well known examples; with the bald eagle , grizzly bear , American bison , Eastern timber wolf and sea turtle having been hunted to near-extinction.

In 1964, for instance, LIFE journal reported on the 19 U.S. zoos that fashioned the Wild Animal Propagation Trust, which created particular survival and propagation centers the place pairs and herds of endangered species can propagate in peace and quiet.” In these zoos, endangered species like bongos, pygmy hippos and white rhinos have been studied so the zookeepers could create a more pure mating environment that the belief hoped would assist the species regenerate and ultimately be launched back into the wild.

Typical areas of controversy embrace: criteria for placing a species on the endangered species list and criteria for removing a species from the list as soon as its population has recovered; whether restrictions on land growth represent a “taking” of land by the government ; the associated question of whether or not personal landowners should be compensated for the loss of makes use of of their lands; and obtaining cheap exceptions to protection laws.