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rare birdThe mission of Los Angeles Audubon is to promote the enjoyment and protection of birds and different wildlife by way of recreation, training, conservation and restoration. Look alive, individuals: A uncommon chicken may show up at any time. A NORTHERN SHRIKE was reported near the airport in Keene on November third. Submissions will likely be reviewed by the Fowl Records Committee for inclusion within the Annual Chicken Report and Checklist of Birds for Victoria and the Southeastern Vancouver Island area.

Lingering shorebirds seen during the previous week included: BLACK-BELLIED PLOVER, SANDERLING, DUNLIN, and LESSER YELLOWLEGS. A BLACK-BACKED WOODPECKER was reported from Pondicherry National Wildlife Refuge in Jefferson, and a BOREAL CHICKADEE was reported from Trudeau Road in Bethlehem, both on November twenty fourth.

Sixteen species of shorebirds were reported from the complex this week. Warbler species were good at Montezuma and elsewhere this week. Songbird migration has started as evidenced by stories this week of WILSON’S WARBLER, CAPE COULD WARBLER, BAY-BREASTED WARBLER and YELLOW-BELLIED FLYCATCHER.

In all 39 new birds had been reported this week. Viewing Knox-Marsellus Marsh from East Street was where a majority of the birds had been reported. A WOODEN THRUSH was reported from Harmony on October 27th. Among the Dayaks, the non-Muslim indigenous peoples of Borneo, lore has it that the helmeted hornbill was as soon as a man who hated his mom-in-legislation.