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kinds of birdsDenali’s avifauna includes migratory birds from all over the globe and a hardy group of residents. In addition to White-fronted Goose, three other species (Pink-necked Grebe, Ringed Plover and Pochard) are red-listed for the first time as a result of more and more marked declines in wintering populations, the latter additionally labeled globally as Susceptible.

A phylogenetic classification of the world’s hen species will lead to a extra refined delineation of the world’s areas of endemism 49 , that are of crucial importance in studies of historical biogeography and diversification 50 An accurate understanding of areas of endemism can be crucial for figuring out and setting priorities on regions for conservation motion 51 – 53 Such priorities usually have been primarily based on surveys of extremely visible organisms similar to birds, mammals, butterflies and flowering vegetation, the exact teams by which the use of the organic species idea has been most prevalent fifty four Thorough revisions of those groups could have a substantial affect on empirical studies of evolutionary biology, biogeography, and conservation.

To estimate the effect of newly discovered species, recent molecular information, and altering taxonomic requirements on our estimate of the variety of phylogenetic species, we examined the classification of our sample of 200 species within the latest Howard and Moore checklists 13 , 14 These lists comprise 10021 species which are partly based on phenotypic and partly based on genetic results.

Although it has been urged that the “evolutionary important units” for conservation and administration are phylogenetic species 37 , endangered species legislation has codified species, subspecies and distinct population segments (vertebrates only) as the models of conservation for birds in the United States 38 whereas species-stage taxa are conservation models in most other countries.